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We Love Making Sites Mobile

2 years ago

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We can’t really think of anything we love more than to take a good looking site and make it mobile friendly!  We recently had the opportunity to work with Primary Care Alliance to do just that!


We kept the clean look and feel pretty much the same as their previous site, with a couple new upgrades. Using the Wharton Theme, we were able to mirror a great deal of the features they had on their old site, including the right sidebar on every page.

On PCA’s previous Frequently Asked Questions page, site visitors had to scroll through a number of pages to get through all the questions.



We decided to create an accordion feature that displayed all the questions at once, and you could get the answers to the questions you were interested in. Their FAQ page now, is much more straight forward.



PCA told us one complaint they had was that they received a lot of spam form submissions. With our awesome Form Building Feature, we were able to add a captcha to their Contact page, as well as their Request More Info page.


And now, to the mobile functionality. Every site built on the SquareHook CMS is a mobile friendly site. Check out what PCA site visitors were losing as the screen size changed:


Things were getting cut off. Not good. Now check out how lovely their new site looks on a minimized screen!


We have trained the PCA staff, so they can continue editing/upgrading their site, on their time. They don’t have to wait for a developer to get a hold of them to add a new page, or replace out an image. Having that control, can make your business unstoppable! 

Contact us, if you’re looking to do just that, or if you’re looking for some guidance on your site. We are here to help!

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