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Doggy Day Care Businesses Need Website Updates Too

2 years ago

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We were so excited to help out Coombs Kennels when they contacted us. Their old WordPress site was regularly being compromised, and they couldn’t edit their site whenever their business changed. We involved our graphic designer, Ai to help create a fun, inviting look for the newly renovated Pet Care facility.

We started off with our INVERSE THEME. We adjusted the colors and height of the banners that were created from their new images. Coombs Kennels recently had photos taken of their renovated facility, which made composing the new look, much easier on us to make a great site. And look how killer it looks on a smartphone! Yowza!


Their site is completely editable, so if their services or rates change, owner, Toni, and her team can go into the tool-whenever.


We went in and added a auto calendar to their Reservation Page, so when a client wants to make a reservation, they can fill out this form, and Coombs Kennels will be notified of the reservation immediately.  They receive an email notification of the form submission. 


They can also access their recently submitted forms and export the list later for marketing purposes. It is great for their records as well, in case they can’t find the proper information, the SquareHook took keeps a database for any form submission you have.


We are really thrilled about how the new site turned out. If you have a small business, and you think it’s time to get an upgrade, then contact us!  We would love to assist you!  We have lots of great themes to work with.

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